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get better sound

While traveling extensively around North America as an audio distributor and as an audio consultant,  Jim Smith became increasingly discouraged.  Although he visited hundreds of audiophiles, some with very advanced systems, he was amazed and dismayed to discover that not one system he heard was performing anywhere near its potential!

When a system underperforms its potential, it’s a huge waste of the owner’s resources.  The real benefits of enjoying the system are diminished - if not totally lost.  These effects are not subtle.  In fact, when confronted with the difference, audiophiles are astonished at what they were missing.

Then, in 2008, Jim was in a bad car accident, suffering a broken back and a lack of mobility for several months.  Traveling to see clients was not an option.  Some of his colleagues and friends reminded him of his disappointment in the sound of audiophiles’ high-end systems.  They asked, “Hey, why don’t you write that set-up book that you said was needed so badly?”  And so he did.

And thousands of audiophiles around the world have benefited greatly, as countless e-mails, phone calls, testimonials and reviews have attested.  

Get Better Sound is not a book about How Components Work. There are already plenty of excellent books on this topic, written by experts in the field.  Those resources include mathematical formulae, technical discussions, and much more.  They provide interesting reading and valuable information for those who enjoy reading these near-textbook types of resources. 

Get Better Sound is about How to Make Your Components Work Better.  Only one book and DVD is available from someone who has professionally installed and voiced many hundreds of systems around North America.  Presented in a conversational style, GBS is based not only on physics, but also on successful voicing experience gained from over 35 years of doing just that in homes, dealer and manufacturer showrooms, and at audio shows.

Get Better Sound is not about selling you another component. The only agenda is about making those components that you already own come alive in your room.

These insights came from installing and voicing all kinds of sound systems—for audiophile music lovers, for audio shops, and at the largest audio shows—over ten thousand hours of invaluable experience gained by Jim Smith.

Now you can use the same techniques that Jim used to win those "Best Sound of Show" press comments and to receive consistent acclaim from his personal clients for over 35 years…

The Get Better Sound Manual

New Pricing!

Quarter Note Press, publisher of Get Better Sound and producer of the new Get Better Sound 3-disc DVD set, has authorized a special price reduction as a Summer Sale.

Get the setup manual, the DVD, or both. Save on the only high-end audio set-up manual and associated DVDs in the world! Adding to the value and included in the price are twelve (!) of the acclaimed Quarter Notes newsletters, equivalent in size and content to another book.uarter Note Press, publisher of Get Better Sound and producer of the new Get Better Sound 3-disc DVD set, has authorized a special price reduction as a Summer Sale.

Summer Sale Pricing

New - StraightTalk

This is a new service that is designed to offer individualized telephone assistance.  Please note that, while I am biased in your favor, I cannot recommend specific brands over others. This is about making what you already have – or plan to have - perform at a higher level. It’s called StraightTalk.

Here is how it works:

Simply go to the Place Order page on the GBS website - http://getbettersound.com/thebook.html

Click on the StraightTalk Icon – it will take you to a page where you can use a credit card or PayPal.  You will note that the charge is USD $30 for 25 minutes.  When I receive your payment, I will send you an e-mail to set up a time to talk.  Unless I am out of the office on a RoomPlay session, you’ll get an e-mail within 8 hours or so. Usually much less.

If I am out, you will still get a reply within 24 hours.

I will provide you with the phone number and discuss the best time to call.

If it turns out that you want to add additional time during our discussion, you can simply add it on the website with another purchase.  So we can keep talking if desired.

This service is primarily intended for those who do not have an unbiased source for reliable info.  If you have a trusted source, and that actually includes a few dealers, by all means support them by continuing to refer to their expertise.

The Get Better Sound DVD!!!

As Jim has traveled around the country in the past couple of years, voicing dozens of systems belonging to readers of GBS, one thing became obvious.  Even though his readers had reported a real improvement in their sound after employi­ng the tips in GBS, they were amazed at the additional level of improvement when Jim voiced their systems.  This happened at every site.

When asked why the sound was so much better, Jim always replied that he employed exactly the same tips & techniques found in the GBS Set-up Manual.  But he finally realized that actually SEEING and having the steps explained was more powerful and more effective for some people than only reading about them.  And so, the GBS DVD series was born.

While it contains some of the material from the Get Better Sound book, it is explained or demonstrated in an easy-to-follow conversational style.  The book is 292 pages.  The DVD is actually three DVDs, about 5.5 hours of solid info. The DVD also includes some new topics.

Both the book and the DVD also include the eight issues of Quarter Notes, the acclaimed newsletters that already equal another small book.

If you’d prefer to read rather than see and hear the tips from Get Better Sound, then buy the book.  If you are a visual person, the DVD may be just right for you.

To learn more, including reviews, go here:

The DVD 3-Disc Set

Quarter Notes

Quarter Notes is a quarterly e-mail newsletter, sent free of charge to all Get Better Sound purchasers. 

The first eight are included in your purchase for free – they represent a little over two years of news and valuable info.  As always with GBS, they are not about selling anything.  They are about empowering audiophiles to further improve their systems with essentially what they already have. Equivalent in size and content to another small book, they have received a tremendous response by GBS readers.

Quarter Notes Newsletters

Introducing RoomPlay™

Does your system "play the room?"

As Jim has traveled around North America, voicing readers' systems, he kept arriving at the same three conclusions:

1) Audiophiles have standards that are simply too low. They accept much less than they deserve (and much less than they paid to get).

2) It's not really their fault. They simply don't have a reference for how good their system can be.

3) Addressing how electrons travel in wire and electronics is one thing—addressing how sound waves are launched into the room and how they are received at the listening seat is far more critical and pays far bigger dividends.

Playing the Room

RoomPlay™ is Jim's custom voicing service.

Imagine that your listening room has no walls, no ceilings, and no speakers. The musicians have assembled to play a special concert, just for you. You feel the emotional impact of the music the next day, as if it had been a live concert.

Jim calls it "playing the room." Hence, RoomPlay.

If you want to know more about RoomPlay™, click here - RoomPlay™

Better Sound for a Lot Less Money than the price of a new audio component. If that sounds interesting to you, then please look around this site. Go to website menu at top right


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Note from Jim Smith –

Please read or view the tips in the set-up manual or DVD that you purchase, and be sure to put some of the tips into action.  If you don’t, then you’re wasting your money.  Wasting money is the opposite result of why I wrote the book and produced the DVDs…
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