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quarter notesQuarter Notes, the Get Better Sound owners’ quarterly e-newsletter

Quarter Notes is a quarterly e-mail newsletter, sent free of charge to all Get Better Sound purchasers.  It includes detailed set-up tips and updates, as well as objective reports on the latest developments in audio. Additionally, it expands on the tips from Get Better Sound, both from Jim’s insights, as well as in response to your questions and comments.

New purchasers receive links to all of the Quarter Notes in an e-mail, approximately 6-8 weeks after their initial GBS purchase. The delay is to allow purchasers time to become familiar with the topics, some of which are referenced in the GBS manual or DVDs. Thereafter, they receive new issues as they become available.

Jim is always thinking of something that he wished he had included, and this way you won’t miss it. In fact, there have already been eleven Quarter Notes issues (equivalent to another small book).  They have received a tremendous response by GBS owners.

Quarter Note Press, publisher of Get Better Sound, is committed to preserving your privacy.  Your e-mail address is kept confidential and secure.

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Note from Jim Smith –

Please read or view the tips in the set-up manual or DVD that you purchase, and be sure to put some of the tips into action.  If you don’t, then you’re wasting your money.  Wasting money is the opposite result of why I wrote the book and produced the DVDs…
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