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RoomPlay™ Pricing

Due to the fact that every system is different, with different requirements (for example, some may be in Jim's local area, and some may be in Hawaii or Canada) there can be no one-size-fits-all pricing. There are some general guidelines, however:

RoomPlay Level 1 – Arrival, evaluation, voicing & departure in one day – US $1470. Almost exclusively in the Atlanta area.

RoomPlay Level 2 – Arrival & system evaluation the night before, voicing and departure the next day – US $2170.

RoomPlay Level 3 – Arrival & system evaluation the night before, voicing the next day, and departure the third day – US $2870.

Each time zone difference adds US $150. Jim is in the Eastern Time Zone. So a Level 2 session in Nashville, TN would be US $2170 + 150 = $2320.

Contact Jim for Alaska & Hawaii rates.

Canada & Mexico add US $300.

Typical travel expenses may include airfare, lodging, and car rental.

For other countries, contact Jim.

Systems with unusual tuning devices or requirements may require additional expense, to be discussed with the client.

After your RoomPlay Session…

RoomPlay clients often get more excited about their systems than they have been previously. So they have questions. The price of the RoomPlay session includes free consultations by phone or e-mail for 12 months following the session.

RoomPlay Reference - $450

This has been an unexpectedly popular service, as it establishes a reference for serious audiophiles for what is possible. May be fully credited against any Room Play session. Please note that Jim’s motivation is the same – as described in the RoomPlay Reference document.

Requires a $100 deposit to book a date.

Click here for more details:

Note from Jim Smith –

Please read or view the tips in the set-up manual or DVD that you purchase, and be sure to put some of the tips into action.  If you don’t, then you’re wasting your money.  Wasting money is the opposite result of why I wrote the book and produced the DVDs…
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